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The Former Glory Treatment By Wirral Car Valeting

Car Paintwork Restoration in Wirral and Cheshire


Wirral Car Valeting service can arrange for one of our auto detailing professionals to carry our a full end in-depth restoration of your cars faded paintwork.

On a Daily basis your cars paintwork is subjected to a barrage of abuse from the elements sun, wind, rain and snow all contribute over time to your cars paintwork losing its original factory fresh lustre.

Wirral Car Valeting have perfected time proven methods and procedures that will completely eliminate the tell tale signs of the oxidisation process.

By utilizing high quality abrasive compounds and state of the art machine polishers and techniques we can quite literally polish away the years from your cars faded exterior leaving behind a high gloss deep down shine that will last and last.

Over the years even general cleaning can damage your paintwork by leaving what we call swirls in the paintwork.

These light scratches can be caused by something as harmless as a sponge but are more often caused by mechanical car wash roller brushes, by using a MOP or (Machine Operated Polisher) we can remove these tell tale signs of ageing leaving your cars surface flat and so clear you can see your face in its reflection.

Contrary to popular belief it is not the waxing of your cars exterior that provides the most noticeable results but the machine polishing process, the wax simply serves to provide an extra depth of shine and to provide a protective barrier from the elements.

So if you require the services of the Wirral s premier paintwork restoration experts Call Wirral Car Valeting Services Today on 07706 637 887.